AMI Coursework Translation Requests

The Montessori Training Center Northeast processes enrollment verification letters and Montessori graduate transcripts for the University of Hartford.

The Training Center will cover the cost of the enrollment verification/transcript processing fees for MTCNE students and alumni.  For all other students, the following processing fees must be paid prior to paperwork being delivered to the University of Hartford:

  • Enrollment Verification Letter processing fee is $100
  • Montessori Graduate Transcript processing fee is $400*

*If you paid $100 in processing fees for the Enrollment Verification Letter, the Montessori Graduate Transcript processing fee is adjusted to $300.

Making Payments

MTCNE accepts cash, check or online payments for AMI Coursework Translation Services.

Online Payments*

Fees can be paid instantly online using E-Check or a credit/debit card. NON-INVOICED PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS

*Service Fee: Flat fee using an E‐Check. Percentage (%) fee for payments using a Credit/Debit Card. These fees are added to the total.


All Checks should be made payable to CREC MTCNE, include your name and reference, before submitting to:

Capital Region Education Council
Accounts Receivable – MTCNE
111 Charter Oak Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

AMI Coursework Translation Request Form