Montessori for Dementia, Disability & Ageing

Montessori for Dementia, Disability and Ageing is an innovative approach to dementia care that can be adopted for individuals or groups as a philosophy of care. The goal of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) program is to support older adults and people living with dementia and disability by creating a prepared environment, filled with cues and memory supports, that enables individuals to care for themselves, others, and their community.

What is Montessori?

Montessori for ageing and dementia is a person-centered approach to care based on the philosophy of famed Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori method has been practiced for over 100 years to support the natural development of one’s own initiative and natural abilities, through self-directed activities and hands on learning. While often thought of as just a method of education for children, the Montessori ethos of ‘help me to do it myself’ transfers across all ages in the context of cognitive development.

Whether Montessori is applied to childhood development or aged care, the philosophy respects (rather that infantilizes) the individual, and works with a person’s strengths to foster independence and high self-esteem in a prepared environment to create opportunities for true choice and meaningful engagement.

Montessori practice for aged care, disability, and care communities supports enhanced quality of life and encourages independence for all people receiving care services. Compared to traditional methods of care, individuals in a Montessori environment have displayed:

  •  Marked improvements in physical and cognitive function
  • Less disruptive behavior, such as wandering and repetitive questioning
  • An increase in smiling and laughing
  • Meaningful engagement in conversation and social activities
  • A more active routine, with less sleeping throughout the day


About Montessori for Dementia, Disability & Aged Care

The Montessori approach seeks to establish a ‘culture of care’ that will enhance quality of life. Montessori practitioners strive to develop communities that treat individuals with respect and dignity and honor their choices so that they may live as independently as possible.

Montessori for dementia, disability and aged care practice in a care community creates an active and thriving environment for residents. Organizations from around the world have implemented the Montessori method for aged care and report the following benefits to care recipients, families, and staff:

  • Care Recipients & Families
    • Reduction in use of psychotropic medications
    • Decrease in falls and resident/client agitation
    • Increase in independence, resident/client engagement and family
  • Staff & Management
    • Increase in staff satisfaction
    • Decrease in staff sick leave, complaints, and workers compensation claims
    • Reduction in incident reports

Many of the organizations that have implemented the Montessori approach in a dementia care community proceed to roll out the Montessori approach across their whole care community.

Montessori for Dementia, Disability & Ageing 2-Day Course $499*

Dates To Be Determined for February 2025

The AMI Montessori for Dementia, Disability & Ageing 2-Day Course is the theoretical component of the AMI Montessori for Dementia, Disability, & Ageing Certified Practitioner qualification.

Meet Anne Kelly, the instructor, and view the recorded information session to learn more about the 2-Day Course

2-Day Course Outcomes

  • Learn the history of Montessori and the translation of the principles to dementia and ageing.
  • Recognize the importance of each person’s story including their strengths, skills, needs and abilities.
  • Know the connection between the environment and responsive behaviors.
  • Understand the importance of meaningful engagement and maintenance of skills.
  • Gain knowledge on how to prepare the environment to enable people to achieve their full potential.

Where: MTCNE 1300 Hall Boulevard, Bloomfield, CT 06002
Cost: $499 per person; *EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $449 through December 31, 2024
Group Discount: Register 5 applicants get 1 free
Accommodation: The Capitol Hotel, 440 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT, 06103 Special Rate $82/night (Montessori Training Center)

~Registration includes boxed lunch and light refreshments

Montessori Training(s) of Interest:

Become a Certified Practitioner $349

Students who complete the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori for Dementia, Disability, & Ageing 2-Day Course (12 hours) are eligible to progress to the AMI Montessori for Dementia, Disability & Ageing Certified Practitioner Course. This in-depth course enables you to implement roles and activities and create a prepared environment for older adults using Montessori principles. You can serve as a role model and leader in your community and help to establish Montessori programming.

The certified practitioner program consists of a range of assignments that will demonstrate the student’s ability to apply the knowledge required to develop and implement a Montessori prepared environment.

Certified Practitioner Requirements:

  • Completion and submission of assignments within 6 months of completing the AMI Montessori for Dementia, Disability & Ageing Course.
  • Completion of two case studies for people living with dementia using the required forms. Take photos or scan any relevant templates, materials, cue cards, and signage that were used to create activities and roles for the two people with whom you are undertaking case studies. Provide video evidence of adherence to Montessori principles.
  • Lessons learned reflection.
  • Third party/supervisor’s report.
  • Submit all assignment tasks and evidence electronically as directed in the assignments file.

Certified Practitioner Program includes:

  • Access to a range of modules until assignments are submitted.
  • Online support if required (additional fee).
  • AMI Certified Practitioner Certificate issued on successful completion of assignment tasks.
  • If assessment tasks do not provide the evidence required to gain AMI Certification, additional submissions will incur a $100.00 fee.

Certified Practitioner Course Outcomes:

  • Understand the history of Montessori and the translation of the principles to dementia and ageing.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the importance of each person’s story including their strengths, skills, needs and abilities through completion of two case studies.
  • Know the connection between the environment and responsive behavior.
  • Apply the principles of Montessori for Dementia, Disability & Ageing to prepare the environment to enable people to achieve their full potential.
  • Understand the importance of observation and evaluation in meaningful engagement and the prepared environment.
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge to achieve AMI Montessori for Dementia, Disability & Ageing Certified Practitioner.



The Montessori Training Center Northeast (MTCNE), an organization managed and operated by the Capital Region Education Council (CREC), was founded in 2003 as an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) affiliated Training Center to meet the need for quality trained Montessori teachers in the New England region. The Training Center, while based in the Hartford area of Connecticut, has expanded over time and now operates national and international satellite training centers in collaboration with communities seeking to increase access to quality Montessori training(s) in their region.

Specific AMI affiliated programs offered through MTCNE:


  • Dementia, Disability and Ageing
  • Montessori Orientations and Teacher Training
    • Assistants to Infancy (0-3)
    • Primary/Children’s House (3-6)
    • Elementary (6-12)
    • Adolescent (12-18)
  • Sports Fundamentals