Alumni Updates

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Ellie van Gemeren’s Update

I was a Montessori child, attending the Cobb School for 9 years. Then, after college, I attended MTCNE’s Primary training course and have now spent the last 5 years assisting…

Laure Bouyon’s Update

I am a French Doctor of Pharmacy who spent 15 years working in the BioPharmaceutical industry. Seeking a working environment that aligned with my values and offered a better work/life…

Veronica Burbano’s Update

My name is Veronica Burbano, and I take immense pride in being an alumna of MTCNE. My journey in Montessori education began 15 years ago when I started working as…

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After taking the AMI Assistants Course through MTCNE, I learned how to observe not only children, but all of life, with a different perspective. I discovered the importance of allowing each moment to be new and fresh. I was encouraged to see the children in my class as brand new children every morning. The course also taught me about Maria Montessori. I was fascinated by her compassion and genius, and all that she accomplished in her life. I began to understand the important role I can play in the education for peace and the creation of global citizens. When you are conscious of the important work you are doing, it makes for a rich and rewarding life.”

Kim Clark
Assistant Course

Training with the MTCNE center and with Gretchen Hall provided me with an authentic Montessori experience that fits perfectly in today's world. We were given the tools to offer every child an opportunity to learn with a Montessori education.

Jennie Paragarino
Primary 2013

My time spent training at MTCNE was rigorous, interesting, and fun. I built great friendships and connections based on a mutual love of teaching and learning, and left the center prepared to lead my own classroom….and you can quote me on that, class of 2017. 🙂

Hannah Ford