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The Montessori Training Center Northeast has worked in partnership with the University of Hartford since 2007 when the Master of Education with Montessori Concentration degree program was established.  In 2017, the partners added a bachelor’s degree pathway to the offerings. We continue to work together to ensure students seeking an AMI diploma as part of a teacher credential have viable University pathways.

Bachelor Degree with Montessori Education Concentration

The undergraduate degree option with Montessori education concentration recognizes the strength of Montessori education and the intensive preparation of Montessori teachers.  Through this program students have the opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree with an Early Childhood or Elementary Montessori concentration from the University of Hartford along with an AMI Diploma.

University of Hartford education degree programs prepare candidates for entry-level teaching positions to roles in higher education and are grounded in standards-based curricula that provide teacher candidates with relevant coursework in teaching and learning that leads to certification in specialized programs.

The bachelors degrees with Montessori education concentration pair the University of Hartford’s curriculum with Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI) teacher training offered exclusively through MTCNE, putting students on course to earn an internationally-recognized AMI diploma by the time they graduate. Through our partnership with the University of Hartford, students can deepen their knowledge of Montessori methods through practical interaction with public school curriculum and contexts.  Admissions to this program is done directly through the University of Hartford. Click here to learn more about this unique program.

Interested in applying to the bachelor’s degree program? Submit a University of Hartford Undergraduate Application found online HERE.

Masters of Education (M.Ed.) with Montessori Concentration

Students enrolled in an AMI-recognized diploma course at MTCNE or other AMI affiliated training center have the opportunity to complete a Masters of Education Degree (M Ed) with a concentration in Montessori from the University of Hartford. The Montessori training accounts for 15 to 18 of the required credits needed for this degree. Montessori credits are offered at a greatly reduced rate of $100 per credit. All other credits are paid for at the regular graduate credit rate for University of Hartford.

An individual may begin the MEd program within 5 years of completing AMI training.  Alternatively, if training occurred more than 5 years ago, the applicant must provide documentation of active practice for at least one full school year in a Montessori setting. The active practice must have occurred within the last 10 years. Active practice includes full time: a) classroom teaching, b) classroom assistant, c) school administration, and/or d) other experience upon consideration. MTCNE completes the verification of a valid AMI Diploma and relevant employment.

Students can also obtain a special Connecticut State Teaching Certificate by completing some additional requirements. This certificate would allow the candidate to teach in any CT Public Montessori School and could be transferable to other state certificates. There are two categories for which people can get certified: Primary (#512) and Elementary (#511).  The requirements for the Teaching Endorsement #511 and #512 leading to the Connecticut State Certification are outlined here.

For more information regarding the University of Hartford Masters of Education with a Montessori Concentration, contact Paige Bray at (860) 768-4553 or

Click here to access the University of Hartford website for the Master of Education with Montessori Concentration. Interested in applying to the Master of Education with Montessori Concentration degree program at the University of Hartford? Submit a Graduate Application.

Please note that applicants to the MEd with Montessori concentration must have an AMI Diploma or be enrolled in an AMI affiliated diploma program at the time of application. Students seeking to verify an AMI diploma or enrollment in an AMI-recognized training program must complete the AMI Coursework Translation Request.

AMI Coursework Translation Request

The Montessori Training Center Northeast processes all enrollment verification letters and Montessori graduate transcripts for the University of Hartford.

The Training Center will cover the cost of the transcript/enrollment verification processing fees for MTCNE alumni.  For all other students, the following processing fees must be paid prior to paperwork being delivered to the University of Hartford:

  • Enrollment Verification Letter processing fee is $100
  • Montessori Graduate Transcript processing fee is $400*

If you are unsure of what document you require at this time, please contact the University of Hartford.

Click here or the link below to order a Montessori Graduate Transcript or Enrollment Verification Letter.

*If you paid $100 in processing fees for the Enrollment Verification Letter, the Montessori Graduate Transcript processing fee is adjusted to $300.

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