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AMI Montessori Orientation Information

The Montessori Training Center Northeast (MTCNE) is pleased to offer the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori Orientation Courses.  The AMI offerings formerly known as “Assistant Courses” have been relabeled to more accurately reflect the course content.   The Orientations provide a great overview of the developmental age group from a Montessori perspective.  This introductory training is ideal for those that work in Montessori schools as Assistant Teachers and Paraprofessionals, parents of children involved in Montessori education, Montessori school administrators or educators who want to learn more about Montessori education for a particular age group.  Theory, practical applications, readings and discussion are a part of each age group offering.  The successful completion provides the AMI Certificate.

The Montessori Orientation will:

  • Give you an introduction to Montessori education
  • Give you a basic understanding of children and how they learn
  • Introduce you to the Montessori classroom environment
  • Help you understand how adults support learning in the Montessori classroom
  • Introduce you to the role of the Adult in an Infant/Toddler, Primary or Elementary Montessori classroom
  • Give you practical guidelines on how to interact with children
  • Give you practical guidelines on how to support the Guide in the Primary or Elementary Montessori classroom

The Montessori Orientation consists of 60 hours of class lectures, discussions and activities. Participants must also log 9 additional hours of observation to receive their certificate. Readings and written papers will be assigned throughout the training. Participants successfully completing the course will be awarded either the AMI Montessori Orientation 0-3 Certificate, the AMI Montessori Orientation 3-6 Certificate, or the AMI Montessori Orientation 6-12 Certificate depending on the break-out track the participant chooses.

Course Format: Online

60 hours total class time plus 9 hours additional observation time.  Complete all course requirements, including the 9 hours of observation.  Certificates will be awarded upon completion of observation hours and coursework.

Bilingual 0-3 Offering: English/French*

offered in collaboration with Centre de Formation Montessori de Québec
More details coming soon!

Trainer: Tiina Souminen
Translator: Anne-Marie Courtois
Dates: August 16-27, 2021 
Cost: $800.00 US 

Bilingual 3-6 Offering: English/Spanish

Auxiliary Trainer: Laurie Campiformio
Translator: Veronica Burbano
Dates: March 27
           April 10, 17, 24
           May 1
Time: 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM ET
Cost: $800.00 US




Orientation 6-12 offering coming soon…

MTCNE can provide a Montessori Orientation designed to meet the scheduling needs of your community with our online Montessori Orientation offerings.  The certificate courses are available at the 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 levels.  These courses can also be translated.  For more information or to set up a free consultation, please reach out to Laurie Campiformio at

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