October 2023 Updates, Invites & Insights



October 27, 2023 for more advocacy opportunities Montessori Schools of Connecticut Conference (vendor request open) https://montessorischoolsct.org/news-events/annual-conference


We’ve gone vinyl!  Would you like a Montessori Glossary.org sticker?  Email info@montessoriglossary.org to let us know where to send you one or some!

The Montessori Glossary is an evolving, iterative co-construction project grounded in shared knowledge and authority…. Our mission is to improve discovery and access to Montessori resources whilst supporting Montessori educator competencies. 

Check-out the summer activity by and for the Montessori community. 



Dr. Addy spoke at UHart in September and amplified the kind of work happening in the Department of Education using the Social Justice Standards

More about the standards being using in UH degree programs, including Montessori and that Dr. Addy uses in her new book here: https://www.learningforjustice.org/frameworks/social-justice-standards

More about the work happening in the Department of Education use the QR