November 2023 Updates, Invites & Insights


Gratitude to each and everyone who has already connected with Dr. Kenney!

As many of you know, the partnership undergraduate degree programs began in 2017 at the University of Hartford in partnership with MTCNE have all had students successfully complete and graduate from them as of May 2023!  

Current students and graduates ARE INVITED this month to connect with Dr. Kenney, her email, for additional opportunities to share your experience with the bachelor degree programs.  We value your perspectives!

Center for Montessori Studies is pleased to support research efforts across Montessori

through the participation of Dr. Paige M. Bray, Director and Courtney Reim, Managing Director of MTCNE and CMS Research Fellow in the October 2023 Research Retreat at Kansas University.


We’ve gone vinyl!  Would you like a Montessori sticker?  Email to let us know where to send you one or some!

The Montessori Glossary is an evolving, iterative co-construction project grounded in shared knowledge and authority…. Our mission is to improve discovery and access to Montessori resources whilst supporting Montessori educator competencies. 

Check-out the activity from MAPS in October, as we continue this work by and for the Montessori community.


Montessori Schools of Connecticut Conference

Keynote Speaker Sandra Girlato brings clarity and hope about our essential work in the world.  A day of professional learning and advocacy on October 27, 2023