University of Hartford Montessori Archive

The Center for Montessori Studies in collaboration with the Harrison University Libraries is honored to contribute to a global collection of Montessori archives by housing a body of literature specific to Montessori pedagogy. In keeping with the work of the Center, our Archives & Special Collections* amplify both researchers and practitioners’ collaboration and the knowledge and perspective of practitioners which uniquely support the University of Hartford Montessori education programs offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The collection is open to all researchers and practitioners. All materials are open access and can be found through web-based searches or using the University’s finding aid.

The collection currently contains Association Montessori Internationale Trainer of Trainers Research Literature Papers.

Please honor the work of the individuals in this collection with a proper citation.  By using the citation button found in the upper left corner of almost every page, you have access to a gracious and courteous citation.  Depending upon the webpage you are using and the portion of material from this collection, you may cite the specific author when referring to an individual paper, a sub-collection of papers or the entire collection.  

Here is a sample citation for a specific paper:  
Classification of life in light of evolution and the child’s psychology: an essay; Dubuc, Benoit, 2010 Winter. AMI Trainer of Trainers Research Literature Papers, . University of Hartford Archives & Special Collections. Accessed March 02, 2021.

Are you an AMI Trainer of Trainers and do not see your research papers in the Archive yet?

Please contact to receive directions on how to navigate the permissions process.
*If you have questions about our collection or have materials you would like to be considered for the collection, please contact Dr. Paige M. Bray, Director, Center for Montessori Studies.