The Montessori Training Center Northeast (MTCNE) is now managing two distinct scholarship funds to benefit future students seeking AMI training as a diploma only or as part of a degree pathway at the University of Hartford. The scholarship application is open to all with priority given to those demonstrating financial need, commitment to the Montessori profession, and underrepresented students in the Montessori teaching profession.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed three times a year.

The scholarship application due dates are as follows:

  • Summer program start: April 3
  • Fall program start: July 3
  • Spring program start: December 3

The Scholarship Review Committee will meet one week after the due date for review.  Late applications will not be considered.  

MTCNE Scholarship Fund

The MTCNE Scholarship Fund is a discretionary scholarship fund created to increase access to the AMI diploma and certificate courses offered through our training center for individuals located in the northeastern United States. A scholarship award is always dependent upon the number of applications and funds available. The maximum award possible is up to 50% of full tuition. 

MTCNE Scholarship Fund Application Process

There are three components to the MTCNE Scholarship Application:

  1. Complete the MTCNE application and interview process and be accepted into a MTCNE Diploma Course or Certificate Course prior to the scholarship application due date.
  2. Submit financial aid profile (FAFSA or alternative evidence as approved by committee).
  3. Complete the Scholarship Questionnaire, which includes demographic information and two questions related specifically to this scholarship application.


Pay-it-back-Pay-it-forward Fund

The “Pay-it-back-Pay-it-forward” Fund supports students seeking a bachelor’s degree with a Montessori education concentration.

Pay-it-back-Pay-it-forward Fund Application Process

At this time, if you are interested in applying for scholarship funds for the University of Hartford Bachelor Degree Program with Montessori Concentration, please contact Dr. Paige M. Bray, Director of Montessori Studies, at with the email subject: Montessori Specific Scholarship.